Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore

Root canal treatment also called endodontic treatment is used to repair and save your tooth when it has decayed or is infected. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore for RCT. Do your teeth pain when chewing food? Yet, Is there prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, even after the source has been removed? On the other hand,  Is there discoloration of tooth or swelling and tenderness in the gums? These are signs and symptoms of a tooth that requires an RCT.

Why do I need root canal treatment?

To illustrate, the dental pulp is the soft area within the center of the tooth and contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Moreover, the tooth nerve lies in the root of the tooth. The nerve tissue travels from the tip of the tooth root to the pulp chamber.

In particular, the tooth nerve is not very important to tooth health and function after the tooth emerges from gums. The function of the tooth nerve is to provide the sensation of heat and cold. Tooth nerve absence doesn’t affect the daily functioning of the tooth. Tooth pulp infection occurs because of severe decay, crack in the tooth, or facial trauma. Bacteria multiply within the pulp chamber and cause infection or pus-filled pockets at the end of the tooth root called an abscess. Later, tooth infection causes swelling in the face, neck, or head.

Subsequently, there could be bone loss around the end of the tooth and a hole through the side of the tooth. This causes drainage into gums or even through cheeks into the skin.

What happens during RCT procedure?

First, your dentist will take an X-ray to check the shape of the tooth inside. He determines if there are signs of infection reaching the pulp and the surrounding bone. In order to numb the area local anesthesia administered near the tooth.

During the dental procedures, the dentist places a rubber dam around the tooth to keep the area dry and free of saliva. Afterward, an access hole drilled into the tooth, removes the pulp, bacteria, and related debris. The endodontist shapes the insides of the root with files.

Series of endodontic files of increasing diameter help to work down the full length of the tooth canal. This helps to scrub the sides of the root surface inside the tooth. Water and sodium hypochlorite flushes away any debris.

Finally, the tooth is obturated. Your dentist might wait a week before sealing the tooth if there is an infection. He would put medication inside the tooth to clear the infection. In the case of a two sitting RCT  procedure, a temporary filling in the exterior hole in the tooth keeps contaminants out till the next dental appointment.

Finally, gutta-percha a rubber compound seals the tooth from the inside. A permanent filling seals the exterior access hole, drilled at the beginning of the procedure.

Front teeth that need root therapy is often one with a large filling due to fracture or severe decay, or a major weakness. The dentist places a crown on the tooth to protect it. If there is any additional dental work, take it up with the dentist. Contact the dentist nearby who can help you.

What happens if I do not get root canal therapy?

You need a tooth canal procedure when the tooth is infected. If you don’t have to remove the infected pulp, the tooth structure may be lost and may have to be removed.

The infection won’t go on its own. If no treatment is done, the infection spreads to other teeth, sinuses, jawbone, and even the brain.

The alternative to RCT treatment is tooth removal, but please think twice before removing a front tooth. This could mean shifting and drifting of other teeth, to maintain bite. Facial appearance is affected if a bite is not maintained. The dentist does this procedure to save your smile and face.

What to expect after root canal treatment?

Until the root canal procedure is complete, minimize chewing on the tooth under repair. This reduces the recontamination of the tooth interior and prevents the fragile tooth from breaking.

The tooth may feel sensitive for a few days after tooth therapy. Most patients return to normal activities the next day. If the affected tooth is left incomplete then you may require repeated dental visits till the entire infection is again cleaned and completed with a root filling.

Is RCT procedure painful?

Tooth Root procedure is a comfortable and painless dental care procedure where the tooth pulp is removed by an experienced endodontist.

Your dentist uses anesthesia to numb the tooth area, even though the nerve is dead. He does this to keep you relaxed and at ease. We have the best endodontists in Bangalore who can visit as a consultant at both our dental clinic locations in Bangalore near hsr layout. Our endodontists have the best knowledge and expertise in single sitting pain-free RCT.

What is the cost of root canal treatment in Bangalore, Karnataka, India?

The Cost of Root Canal In Bangalore in Diva Dental Clinics, Bangalore may vary depending on the technique (Manual Or Rotary). For many, the cost of this procedure is of great concern too. In Bangalore city, the average root canal treatment cost is a few thousand rupees excluding the cost of dental crowns advised. There are a lot of dental schools where the root canal costs almost FREE. The cost of not saving the tooth is poor facial appearance and goodbye to that beautiful smile. What costs more? You be the judge. Finally do check if your dental insurance and dental plan that covers the procedure.

At Diva Dental Clinic in Bangalore, we focus on saving a decayed or infected tooth by root treatment done by experienced endodontists. Our specialist dentists in Bangalore follow all the protocols on infection control and cross infection.