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Gum disease

  • Plaque comprising of bacteria and germs accumulates beneath and along the gum line, causing gum disease. It can induce infections in the gums and bones, developing gum diseases, and dental decay.

Gum Disease - What to do ?

  • Procure a Complete Cleaning- The safest way to get rid of plaque and avoid potential problems in the mouth is to visit a dentist or periodontist every six months for complete cleaning. Most of them have a common dental complaint today - "Why Do My Gums Bleed When I Brush?"
  • Floss- Floss at least once a day while brushing twice a day. According to the American Dental Association, this helps eliminate germs and bacteria, and food particles that the toothbrush can't come in contact with.
  • Selecting the Right Toothpaste- Usually, toothpaste sections will have a wide variety of toothpaste, ranging from whitening treatments to baking soda-based formulae, so be sure it comprises fluoride and has the necessary seal of approval on the package.
  • Use mouthwash and thoroughly rinse your mouth with care.


Gum Disease

How To Control Gum Infections?

Following are some approaches to ensure you protect and retain your oral health during your daily life


  1. Maintain a consistent oral hygiene schedule:
  • Brushing the teeth 2-3 times a day and flossing daily is very important for overall health.


  1. Take it slow on the sugary treats:


  • Sweets like chocolate or cupcakes are easy to overeat. Before one realizes it, we might have consumed an excessive amount of them.
  • Hence, balanced sugar intakes are very important, as too much might lead to tooth decay.
  • Sugar can be bad for your teeth because it allows harmful germs to flourish in the mouth.
  • Brush and Rinse the mouth after eating sweets, and try to restrict your intake to one or fewer sittings.


  1. Flossing:
  • Flossing is an important factor in maintaining good dental hygiene.
  • Almost 40% of tooth surfaces are missed if you do not floss; hence, it is recommended to maintain good oral health.


It's not always about how perfect your teeth are or how sparkling your smile is. One must not overlook their gums! Thus, in addition to having good teeth, having healthy gums is also necessary. Contact the Best Dentist In Bangalore to reduce and control gum infections.


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